Macbeth (1971)Macbeth (1971)

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23 July 2016

A Bloody Tragedy

In his seminal 1939 study 'Shakespeare', the American academic and critic Mark Van Doren described 'Macbeth' as the "rapidest of tragedies," which "suggests whirlwinds rather than glaciers, and in fact that terror rather than pity is the mode of the accompanying music". It was the last of his four great tragedies, after 'Hamlet', 'Othello' and 'King Lear'. It is one of his shortest plays and barrels along, with all cylinders firing, as it tells of the rise and fall of the ruthless Scottish nobleman. With a plot perfect for cinematic treatment, it's no surprise that it has proven popular with filmmakers.

23 July 2016
Shakespeare in Italy
23 July 2016
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